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What we do and what we sell.

Products and services are what we are here to sell you. Our product range is very eclectic and broad. We can sell you everything from a sync cord to a complete studio outfit, from a roll of film to a complete darkroom, or a memory card to complete digital light room outfit...oh and cameras and lenses too. We offer a range of services that are unique to our area, and we hope you will take advantage of them when the need arises. Please support local businesses like ours. We are good at what we do and are not afraid to boast about it either. We are known for our expertise and our ability to pull a part out of a drawer and fix what was deemed unfixable elsewhere.


Archival quality paper, ink and printersReliable storage mediaPremium darkroom supplies, chemistry, film and paperPrecision FiltrationRugged Camera BagsProfessional AccessoriesPrecision Wooden TripodsQuality Tripods and AccessoriesQuality OpticsMetersCameras and Lenses