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Below you will find product info and links for darkroom lovers. There is something about the smell of chemistry and the magic of watching your image appearing in the solution that makes darkroom work truly magical. It is now truly the artists medium as ther is a level of craftmanship in producing an image that is unparralled by any other media. No digital print, crudely spat from a printer can rival the look and feel of a silver gelatin print. Windsor Photo Outfitters proudly caters to this level of photography often overlooked by the masses. We offer the regions largest and most comprehensive selelction of film, paper, chemistry and hardware. See below for sueful links and products.

Considering setting up your own darkroom?

Welcome to the art and craft of photography. We have provided several useful inks and documents to help you set up or maintain your darkroom.

Need developing times? Have a weird film or chemistry? This website offers a MASSIVE developing chart. Enter your film, your developer and get times calculated for you. We use this site regularly.
  • Building a Darkroom
This is our own PDF file for setting up a darkroom for yourself. This file includes all the stuff you will need and the best way to lay out your darkroom.

Students: Click HERE

Though the uneducated or naive photographer will read this section and say we are selling "Buggy whips", many of our customers share our unclouded views regarding film. We recognize the importance, and archival quality film provides the serious art photography shooter. An enlightened Photographer realizes film has a well deserved place next to a digital photography in the photo-imaging pantheon. Windsor Photo Outfitters offers several selections of film from slide to black and white to Infrared. Below are some of our favourites and some other products we suggest.
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