Windsor Photo Outfitters offers a modest selection of Nikon lenses and studio accessories for rent. The closest photo rental service is in Toronto, so it makes our service rather exclusive to this area. Below is a list of our items for rent, fees and terms and conditions:


  • Product availability is not guaranteed.
  • All rental items are available on a first come first serve basis.


  • No Rental Items may leave the country for any reason, no exceptions.
  • All rental items are warrantied to function properly during the rental period. We will service any item out for rental during its rental period. This does not include undue wear or damage incurred by the renter.
  • If the item cannot be serviced during the rental period a rental credit will be given.
  • All items are checked by the renter before they are taken out.


  • A deposit of exactly 1/2 of the items market value, or a credit card impression, plus the preset rental fees are due in full before the item is released to the renter.

Damage Liability:

  • The renter is fully responsible for the security and condition of the item(s) while being rented.
  • Any damge or overuse of any of the items rented will result in a fee compensory to the repair costs of the item or full repacement value, whichever is less, applied to the renter's account.
  • Windsor Photo Outfitters is not financially or legally resposible for any damage to property or person caused by use or misuse of its rental equipment by individuals that rent said items, and will not compensate renters or any third party for these losses.
  • Proof of insurance may be required to rent certain items.

Due times and fees:

  • All items rented must be checked back into Windsor Photo Outfitters no later than close of business on the day they are due back.
  • Late items are subject to additional rental fees, loss of deposit or replacement fee depending on duration they are delinquant.
  • Items returned will be subject to a complete inspection.
  • Renters must sign off on return inspection results and pay any additional fees before recieving a return of their deposit.
Special Orders
Sorry we don't carry everything...but we can probably get it for you. If the item you are looking for is from one of our suppliers we can get it to you in a timely manner. Please read on for Special order terms and conditions:

Special Orders Terms and Conditions:

  • 1/3 of total item cost due upon ordering. This constitutes a non-refundable deposit.
  • Unless a special payment is made for shipping and handling, all special orders enter our normal order process, and may only ship when a minimum dollar amount of goods from the same distributor is reached.
  • A full refund is given only if the ordered item is no longer available, not obtainable or otherwise delayed for a prolonged period of time.
  • There are no returns or exchanges on non-stocked special order items (items we do not usually stock). Exchange only with all other items.
  • All Special order items carry normal manufacturer warranties.
Don't have enough cash to buy it now? No problem, we do layaway!:

Layaway Terms and Conditions:

  • Layaway items must have a 1/3 down deposit which equals 1/3 of total price for item including taxes.
  • Layaway deposit is non refundable, but if you change your mind you will be given a gift certificate of equal value to your deposit.
  • Layaway items must be paid for in full within 90 days.
  • If full payment cannot be made in 90 days please contact us to discuss your delay, we are very flexible, but not infinitely.
Gift certificates
Not sure what to get your Photographer? Why not get a Gift certificate, they make an excellent gift alternative. They can be made out in any denomination and can be spent like cash on anything in our store. Below is a list of terms and conditions regardign the use of Gift certificates:

Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions:

  • Gift certificates are valid from date of issue to one calendar year after issue, at which time they become null and void.
  • Gift certificates are not transferable.
  • Gift certificates may be used only for tangible goods and services.
  • Gift certificates are accepted like cash, but have zero cash value. If you don't use the total amount you will be issued another gift certificate or a store credit for the remainder to follw the above guidelines. They have no cash value.
Consignment camera sales are a great way for you to get the most from your camera's equity. We will sell your items for you. This saves you the headache of advertising in a local paper, or having strange people coming to your door. You set the price we do the rest! As with all things, we at Windsor Photo Outfitters, will take good care of you. Read on to see how it works. Stop by the store to discuss your options with us anytime.

Tips for successful Consignment

  • Your item should be as complete or as close to original condition as possible.
  • All books manuals and even packaging can help sell an item!
  • Make sure your item is fully functional. A broken camera never sells. We can recondition your item for you to bring it back to saleable condition.
  • Be realistic in your pricing. Look at similar markets and items and look at what they have sold for in the recent past.

Consignment Terms & Conditions

  • We do not consign accessories like filters etc. Items valued under $100 will be considered a "throw in" and may or may not be considered part of your overall consignment package. some conditions apply.
  • The Consignee agrees to pay a fee of 25% of final total for handling and sale of his/her items.
  • The Consignee must be able to show proof of ownership on consignment items.
  • The Consignee is responsble for all fees incurred for selling consigned items.
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