. Why we are here
. Why no prices?
. Why shop here?
Our Sales Philosophy

We are a unique store and as such we have a unique outlook on how we like to do business. Below we do our best to explain this to you.

Why are we here?

We at Windsor Photo Outfitters believe that at the heart of any image is a message or idea formed and expressed by the image creator. We exist to help photographers express these messages and ideas to their audience, with the best in quality equipment available to us from our distributors. We prefer to work face-to-face, one on one with photographers to help them achieve this goal. To this end, we do not support Web based sales at this time.

We encourage our customers and potential customers to participate and engage themselves directly with us in an effort to foster a positive and friendly relationship with our knowledgeable staff. Yes, we are here to sell stuff, but more importantly we are here to promote photography in every way, and to promote creative avenues of expression. We love to take pictures, we are rabid photo geeks! Five minutes talking with any of us will definitely prove this fact.

Why no prices?

No Prices? We do this for a very important reason. We want to talk to you directly to help you make the best purchase and the most informed descision for your dollar. Stop in, phone or Email us. We do not work on commission, so there is no pressure for us to sell you a certain product. And we will often work with you putting together an outfit that suits your needs specifically. We are always competitive in pricing as a result.

Why shop here?

The Main Reason: We are your neighbors! Windsor Photo Outfitters is the only locally owned and operated camea store in Windsor. The staff here does their shopiing locally, possible purchasing products you supply or make, why not return the favour, and support local businesses.

Also, because we are a small operation with a budget, we are VERY picky about the types of products we carry, promote and suggest. There is a lot of junk available to the budding photography these days, we cut through the trash for you. You can rest assured that what we suggest is a quality piece of photographic equipment. We try to field test every product we sell, so that we can honestly say to you "yes this is what you need"

Our main philosophy is Honesty, Integrity and fair pricing for all customers. We look forward to talking to you soon about your camera and hope to fulfill your needs as a photographer.

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