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Our Links page:

Below you will find useful links to trusted websites for everything from local photographers and artists to online museums and how to sites all dealing with photography and photography related arts. If you want to become a friend of Windsor Photo Outfitters, and have your gallery showings and website featured here, drop us a line or stop in and see us. If you find a dead or broken link please report those to us as well as we want to keep these links current. And if you want to suggest a new link email us and we will add the site if possible.

Friends of Windsor Photo Outfitters
Friends of Photo Outfitters is a new service we offer to our customers and friends that shop with us. You will find links to personal websites here and under the local events any events these people are organizing or taking part in. These links are for local photographers, artists, and organizations that do business with us. If you would like to be included in this list click HERE.

Artists/ Artist run centers

Schools offering photography

Local galleries

  • Artcite, an artist run center in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

National /international galleries

  • The DIA the Detroit Institute of Art's website. (Close by).
Photo Ops
Below are a list of websites that point to areas and events of interest in our area that would make excellent photo oportunities.
  • Windsor water front
  • Fireworks
  • Point Pelee
  • Pelee Island
Photo Links
Here you will find a growing and ever expanding assortment of photo related links and resources online. If there is one we are missing, let us know and we will add it to the list.

Local camera clubs

  • Photo guild New local camera club that offers seminars and classes with big wig photographers.
  • Shooters is a friendly new club in the kingsville and leamington area.

Digital Photography / Techniques

  • HDR Photography primer
  • Digital Infrared photography

Darkroom / Film Techniques

Photo Technique

  • Digital Infrared photography

Pinhole and alternative photo processes

  • Zero Image sells fine handcrafted pinhole cameras.
  • Pinhole Calculator  This site helps calculate optimum exposure and focal length for a given size of pinhole.
  • Mr. Pinhole This site is a great resource for those of you building cameras from scratch. Take a look.
  • The famous Holgamods site sells all things Holga related.

  • Another good resource site for those seeking pinhole bliss, is this one

Misc Photo sites

  • PMA Photo marketers association, the body that regulates the photographic industry.
  • The Canon Museum  Everything you wanted to know about the history of Canon cameras
  • Flutots This page has excellent resources for restoration and reapir.
  • Shorpy's A great page for old photos and such, a very interesting site.
Below is a list of our available downloads. Some of these files are rather large so please be patient.

Camera Manuals

  • Lensinc. A good resource for manuals and repair guides for the tinkerer.

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